Working Together In Real Estate

Reasons to Team up with Property Redevelopers LLC

Listed below are top 12 reasons, including the opportunities to earn more commissions and achieve quick business growth, while working with a very educated and dependable company.  This list details how this relationship can benefit your business.  We think you’ll find that working with a real estate investor like us can be very advantageous to your own success.

1st Reason; “Repeat business” One of the many benefits of working with an investor like us is the potential for repeat business throughout the year. 

By working consistently with a successful investor who actively buys and sells properties, our preferred agents can predict a steady revenue stream based on our level of activity.  Although it varies, most real estate agents typically close an additional 2 to 10 deals per year with real estate investors.  And a good agent will be able to leverage those deals into even more deals, just by working with the buyers who purchase investment properties.

Our target is to buy and sell properties in the double digits this year, which would result in repeat business and steady commissions for you, as one of our preferred agents. 

2nd reason; “Our speed” Speed is why agents love working with our residential redevelopment company.  We are a professional company and we’re able to analyze, make decisions, and put offers on properties very quickly.  

When you send us a property that fits our parameters, we can generally put an offer in within 24-48 hours. This gives our preferred agents the confidence that their listings will move quickly and gives them the opportunity to earn more commissions. 

3rd reason; “Dual Agent” As you know by now, our professional residential redevelopment company works with preferred real estate agents on the purchase AND sale of our properties after we fix them up. This is the why agents love working with us. 

By acting as a dual agent, representing both the buyer and seller in our transactions, our preferred agents can earn both sides of the commission and explode their business.

4th reason; “Cash Offers” We buy houses primarily with cash, so there are no last minute financing snafus killing our deals.  Problem solved! We are consistent and dependable. 

In fact, we’re also flexible and can close on any timeline.  So if your seller needs to close very quickly, or if they need some extra time, we can be flexible and able to close on their schedule. This is just one more way that we can help you earn more commissions and satisfy your clients.

5th reason; “Real Estate Solutions” Do you have hard to sell property listings? It’s inevitable, every agent gets one every now and then.

The good news is we can help! We can oftentimes solve real estate problems that typical buyers aren’t able to solve. 

6th reason; “Ugly Properties” Most people shy away from “ugly” properties. These are typically the worst looking houses on the block, with plenty of deferred maintenance, poor curb appeal, and in need of some serious landscaping.  

My company seeks out these “ugly ” properties and finds the value in them, fixes them up, and sells them to a new, loving homeowner.  This gives you the opportunity to earn commissions on properties that, otherwise, would have likely gone unsold. You’ll also earn more commissions listing our properties once we fix them up. 

7th reason; “Pocket Listings” Because we are a professional residential redevelopment company, there will be many opportunities for you to access amazing pocket listings for your buyers.  

As we begin working together, you will find yourself with an inventory of completely renovated properties to sell.  As one of our preferred agents, you will have access to that inventory BEFORE the property is listed on the MLS for the public to see. 

This creates a great opportunity for buyers – especially a first-time homebuyer, as they would have the chance to purchase a newly renovated, and fairly priced property, before the general public. 

In some cases, your buyers can even have the benefit of giving input on certain features of their home and choosing custom finishes BEFORE renovations are fully complete. By providing this option to your buyers, it completely differentiates you from other agents – therefore, directly impacting your bottom-line. 

8th reason; “Knowledge and Education” We have invested a great deal of time, energy, and capital into our real estate business through continuing education and mentorship.

This level of real estate knowledge ensures that we are able to protect ourselves, as well as provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we are a reputable company with sound knowledge and experience. We are easy to work with and are confident that this can be a mutually beneficial relationship. 

9th reason; “Investors Network” A bonus of working with us, is that our preferred agents receive access to our network of Investors. 

We are connected to thousands of professional real estate investors and service professionals in our area as well as around the country. Working with us as one of our preferred agents will expand your network as well! With a growth like this in your network, there will inevitably be a growth in your commissions earned. 

10th reason; “Buyers List” Our newly renovated properties generate a lot of interest from potential buyers – especially buyers who are interested in aggressively priced properties that are in pristine condition. 

By acting as our listing agent, this creates a great opportunity for you to host open houses and meet lots of new potential buyers to add to your database.

We’re ready and willing to receive your distressed property/seller referrals and have you represent us as our real estate agent as we buy, fix, and sell these properties.

11th reason; “Access to more Deals” Successful investors are excellent marketers who generate a lot of leads – many of which are short sales.

In most cases, investors aren’t too interested in working with sellers whose properties are over-leveraged and in short sale situations. The short sale process can be lengthy, so many investors prefer to refer those leads to a specialist rather than working the short sale themselves. 

12th reason; “Professional Growth” After a few successful transactions with us, our agents start to become known for solving real estate problems and can utilize that success to gain more exposure in their market and build credibility as a distressed property specialist – and, ultimately, increase their income.

There are a number of properties in the marketplace needing renovations – anything from cosmetic repairs to full-gut rehabs.  Oftentimes, agents are the first contact for sellers who are behind on payments, need to sell quickly, or don’t have equity in their home.  As investors, we may be able to quickly purchase these homes with CASH.  

To recap, listed below are the many benefits of working with our residential redevelopment company:

  1. Getting repeat business and earning more commissions.
  2. Increased seller satisfaction because we can close as fast or slow as your sellers need.
  3. Earning both sides of the commissions by helping us buy and sell houses.
  4. Increased peace of mind knowing that we buy properties in cash so closings are simple.
  5. Fewer headaches because we are educated investors.
  6. Increasing your volume of closing when we buy those ugly houses that nobody wants to buy or sell.
  7. More pocket listings for you and your buyers.
  8. Expanding your knowledge of real estate investing.
  9. Expanding your network of investors and resources.
  10. Massive buyers list growth.
  11. Increased referrals, including short sale referrals. 
  12. Become known for solving real estate problems

Become a Distressed Property Specialist

There are a number of properties in the marketplace needing renovations – anything from cosmetic repairs to full-gut rehabs. Often times, you as the agent are the first contact for sellers behind on payments, who need to sell quickly, or don’t have equity in their home. These are exactly the types of opportunities we are looking for. If you or someone in your office have these types of listings, we may be able to quickly purchase the homes with CASH. After a few successful transactions, you can utilize that success to gain more exposure in your market and build your credibility as a distressed property specialist – ultimately, increasing your income opportunity.

We could not achieve success without strong partnerships and relationships

At Property Redevelopers LLC, we place high value on the knowledge and expertise of good real estate agents.  We strive to build relationships with qualified, experienced agents who have both a passion for real estate and an uncompromising drive to succeed. We believe that by working together, we will not only develop a history of successful win-win transactions, but also create a powerful and lucrative collaboration that adds value and serves our community.Re

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Company Business Model

Our Business Strategy

  • We purchase distressed residential properties below current market value
  • We purchase, renovate and sell these properties to retail buyers and landlords

Advantages to Working With Us

  • We have the business systems and knowledge to purchase properties QUICKLY and with CASH
  • We create value by finding ugly, vacant homes and putting them back in use after renovation
  • We pay wholesale prices to all contractors and typically get bulk discounts on all materials
  • We have a creative marketing system to find and purchase properties before they’re ever listed


With cash funding, we can offer homeowners something that very few buyers can. We are helping sellers by purchasing their homes in their timeline — in as little as 10-14 days. Knowing that we’re going to renovate the home and we are buying in as-is condition is a very important factor to sellers who live in older, outdated homes, or those needing repairs. These sellers will also not be required to pay any attorney fees, closing costs, home warranties, inspection fees, etc. We are not the perfect fit for everyone; but for the seller with the right motivation, these features are a necessity.


Here are just a few benefits sellers have of working with Property Redevelopers LLC to sell a home:


Most homeowners have no idea what options are available to them beyond listing a house with a Realtor or trying to sell the house on their own and just hoping for the best. We provide a unique alternative to listing their house on their own or with a Realtor.

When we work directly with a home seller, what we provide can not only make for a smooth transaction, but it can also add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars in savings as compared to selling a home through traditional means.

How Do We Compare to a Traditional Buyer?


Traditional Buyer

Property Redevelopers LLC

Method of Payment

Bank Financing



1-8% of Homes Value

None (Sold AS-IS)

Closing Timeframe

45+ Days

10-14 Days


6% of Sale Price


Seller Paid Closing Costs

1-6% of the Purchase Price





Length of Time on Market

64 – 122 Days on the Market

(MN Average)

0 Days

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